About Clearwave Communications


Today all modern organizations face a challenge-managing communications. Your voice and data services are the lifeline to your entire world-employees, customers, suppliers, and everyone else you communicate with on a daily basis. These services are a truly important tool for success. Clearwave Communications helps you build and maintain these all-important relationships by creating and managing innovative, integrated voice and data solutions. Every day people depend on the ability to communicate verbally or through data transmissions. That's why you need a telecommunications provider that can deliver absolutely dependable services and much more.

In business since 1996, Clearwave Communications has become a new-generation communications company offering a complete package of telecommunications services for business and residential users, including a full-suite of voice solutions, high-speed data and Internet access and Internet services-all from one source, on one easy-to-understand bill, with just one number to call for all your needs. Not just another reseller, Clearwave Communications is a facilities-based service provider that owns and manages its own network equipment, which means more responsive and reliable service for you. In addition to our full line of Clearwave voice and data services, we offer a number of other products and services that help people communicate or improve their quality of life.

Taking the best possible care of our customers is our top priority at Clearwave Communications. We pride ourselves on being "customer focused." Unfortunately, in today's automated environment, personalized customer care is the exception rather than the rule. Our goal is to be exceptional - when Clearwave Communications promises the best customer care, we mean it.

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